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Self-employed tax benefits, but beware ATO traps

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Oh dear. Time to start organising information for your accountant for your 2018 tax return. Yes, it’s a drag but it’s gotta be done. And to make sure you only pay the tax you’re legally required to pay, there are around 14-or-so specific self-employed, small business tax breaks you should check out... More

Government report says ATO denies “justice for small business”

Thursday, July 05, 2018  

Following the ABC Four Corners program ‘Mongrel Bunch of Bastards’ alleging Australian Taxation Office abuse of small business people, the first of three government-ordered reports was released yesterday. The report from Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnel states that the ATO has “serious system-wide issues”... More

We give the Senate evidence on ATO small business behaviour

Wednesday, June 27, 2018  

Quite recently (14 June) we were invited to give evidence before a Senate hearing on the behaviour of the ATO towards small business. This was done within the context of proposals to require government departments to comply with ‘model litigant’ obligations. That is, to behave fairly and ethically! We made a detailed submission supporting the proposal... More

Please, Mr Tax Commissioner, get your facts straight!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018  

In all our commentary on the Australian Taxation Office, not once have we personalised our criticisms. Yes, we have said that the Tax Commissioner is a Tax Dictator. But that is a statement of legal fact. All tax power by statute is vested in the Tax Commissioner. And those powers make the Commissioner effectively policeperson, prosecutor, judge, jury and financial hangman... More

Our Tax Campaigning

ABC Four Corners exposed the truth about the ATO treatment of vulnerable small business people. First airing on 9th April, the program is available here. (Also available on ABC iView.)

Our Tax Campaigning

7 key ATO powers ... greater than the police

Details here for Self-Employed Australia members. Join here. Tell your accountant.

Our Tax Campaigning

Reforming the ATO. An urgent but common sense agenda

ABC's Four Corners provided evidence of the ATO's abusing its powers against small business people. We’ve advocating a reform agenda for the ATO: The Power to Audit is the Power to Destroy. Key policy

  • Split the ATO into 2 bodies
  • Small Business Tax Tribunal

Our Tax Campaigning

How the ATO attacks your ABN rights

In late 2017 the ATO suddenly withdrew the ABNs of 16 work-from-home, low-income, self-employed people. This immediately destroyed their incomes. It took almost 13 weeks of hard pressure before the ATO backed down. Here’s the full story.

Testimonials from the 16

Testimonials from the ABN victims

Out Tax Campaigning

Incredible Tax Story: Rod Douglass

The ATO accused Rod of fraud
It wanted $440,000
We spent two years defending Rod
In Court the ATO withdrew, admitting that its accusation was baseless
Here’s the incredible true story

Our Tax Campaigning

It could happen to you...! 

New Vid: Self-Employed cleaner has her ABN cancelled by ATO
Previous vid: Federal Court Judge says treatment of ‘Michael' by ATO unfair. It could happen to you...

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