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UK vs Australia: Government attitudes to self-employment

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What a contrast!

In Britain, the Liberal Democrat Party (the junior coalition party in the British government) has heaped praise on the fact that self-employment in Britain is at a 40-year high of 4.6 million people. It’s the biggest single factor for the jobs growth surge that’s happening in the UK (but not happening in the rest of Europe!) The Lib Dems say that this is a direct result of the policy the government has pushed to make small business, self-employment more viable. More...

Competition watchdog's extraordinary double standard

Friday, October 17, 2014

Recent newspapers report that Australia’s competition protector, the ACCC, is taking action against giant Coles over the way it treats its suppliers. It’s good to see the ACCC challenging big business practices against small business people.

But just yesterday the ACCC effectively sanctioned anti-competitive collusive behaviour by a business ‘in bed’ with a union. The double standard displayed by the ACCC is extraordinary. The signal the ACCC is sending is that if a business wants to be anti-competitive and they do that through a union, then that’s okay. More...

Small business timber importers under attack

Thursday, October 02, 2014

ICA's Ken Phillips has returned to the fray over the proposed illegal logging legislation—due to take effect in November—with a series of responses to the Minister responsible, Tasmanian Senator Colbeck. The laws, Ken says, will create criminals out of honest small business timber and timber products importers and are impossible to comply with. Small timber importers will come under a vicious bureaucratic attack that will force them into the clutches of a duopoly of big business interests. Ken's original article is here. His most recent response to the Minister is hereMore...

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