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The gig economy is under attack—from people who seemingly don’t care about the harm they do

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I was in an Uber the other day and got talking to my driver. He was a Sikh. We had quite a conversation about his religion and the importance of it to his everyday life. I asked him why he drives Uber. His response was quick. He loves being his own boss. He can make his work fit around his family commitments.... More

Tell your story about the ATO: But be quick!

Friday, October 5, 2018  

If you’re not happy with your treatment by the ATO, you have a chance to put your story on the record. But you need to be quick. The Parliamentary Committee that most closely reviews the ATO is calling for last-minute stories from people about their treatment by the ATO... More

The largest tax scandal in Australia’s history—organised by the ATO

Friday, September 14, 2018  

It’s a shock to find that what could be viewed as arguably the greatest tax scandal in Australia’s history was organised by the Australian Taxation Office. The tax revenue loss from high-wealth individuals is likely in the order of $2 billion, perhaps even more.... More

Tax authority admits secret deals to protect the rich—targets small business instead

Wednesday, 12 September, 2018

Here’s an amazing admission. The United Kingdom tax authority, HMRC, has admitted that it does secret deals to avoid damaging the reputation of the most powerful members of society, allowing them to escape prosecution for financial crimes.... More

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Self-Employed Australia Webinars

Self-Employed Australia's inaugural webinar—‘Tax Breaks and Tax Traps’—was conducted on 14 August 2018. A YouTube recording of the webinar is available to the public here. Additional (written) information on tax breaks and potential traps is available for Self-Employed Australia's Members here. Our next webinar is titled 'Will Your Contract Pass the ATO Test?' We'll provide more info here when the details are confirmed.

Our Tax Campaigning

We want reform of the ATO because the evidence shows that it abuses small business people.

ATO Exposed!
The ABC Four Corners program, 'Mongrel Bunch of Bastards', exposed the truth about the ATO treatment of vulnerable small business people. It sparked numerous media stories and at least two official (and negative) reports—see here and here.

Our agenda to reform the ATO
In the light of the ATO's behaviour, it is clear that it badly needs reform. Among other things, we suggest that the ATO be split into two bodies and call for the establishment of a Small Business Tax Tribunal. Our full reform agenda is contained in our position paper The Power to Audit is the Power to Destroy.
    2 true stories. Beware: It could happen to you!
    1. Rod Douglass was originally accused of fraud in 2015, and slapped with a huge tax bill, but was finally vindicated, two years later, after our intervention. 2. In 2017, the withdrawal, en masse, of the ABNs of 16 self-employed transcribers, who only had their ABNs restored after a 13-week campaign.

    7 key ATO powers ... greater than the police
    Most Australians would be unaware of the huge powers at the ATO's disposal to enter premises, seize documents and make claims against your assets (including your home), even bankrupt you. We say, don't panic, but instead be prepared. A members' briefing on the ATO's powers is here.

    Full ATO issues here
    ATO news alerts

    Self-employment challenges managerial orthodoxy

    The supposed ‘rise’ of the ‘gig’ economy is causing much debate on whether its impacts are good or evil for society. But that debate is not new. In 2005, SEA's Executive Director, Ken Phillips, published his challenging book, Independence and the Death of Employment, in which he examined the fundamental changes that were occurring, even then, in the way we work and how notions about independence and the role of the commercial contract were fundamental to them. The Introduction to the book is available here. Recent arguments about the ‘gig’ economy have refired that debate.

    Is your contract fair?

    SEA can rightly claim huge success in achieving Unfair Contract protections for small business people. New protective legislation came into effect in November 2016—a world's first for self-employed people. Resources for checking your own contract are here.

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