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On Time Payments. Top priority for small business

Monday, July 13, 2020

SEA's Executive Director, Ken Phillips, recently gave testimony to a Senate Committee looking at late payment for small business and urged them to put aside mandatory penalties for now and concentrate, instead, on the Government's "third phase" promise: large business who do not pay small businesses on time will no longer have access to government work/contracts .... More

ATO audit division goes for JobKeeper jugular again! Trashing the ATO’s reputation

Monday, July 6, 2020

One might have thought that the ATO's audit and enforcement division would have learnt from last week's debacle (apparently now resolved). But no! It continues to trash the good work the ATO has done with implementing the government's COVID-19 programs with its latest round of "auto" letters threatening small businesses with withdrawal of their JobKeeper entitlements...... More

The ATO’s coming to get you! You’re a Covid-19 fraudster they say

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

For all the great work the ATO has done implementing Covid-19 support packages, it’s decided to blow up that good work. How? In its zeal to pursue what it believes is 'Covid-19 fraud', the ATO's audit and enforcement division is making use of its wide discretionary interpretation of the law. If the ATO reckons you’re a fraudster, that’s it! Your access to independent appeal is essentially non-existent..... More

Anti-Trump Democrats get political black eye from small business

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Californian Democrats have suffered an unusual electoral loss in the wake of their controversial anti-independent contractor legislation (AB5) which came into effect in January. The implications for Presidential and Congressional elections later this year are intriguing, given that Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden has committed to rolling out AB5 across the rest of America. Will it backfire?..... More

More SEA News...

We monitor self-employment news from around the world. Full list here.

We’re in Washington DC researching good tax administration laws

During October 2019, SEA Executive Director Ken Phillips has been in Washington DC researching how USA law makers have sought to make the US tax administrator (IRS) efficient, fair and transparent.
Here’s some short YouTube posts explaining what we’re doing (click on the image for the YouTube vid):

ATO Information Releases
We monitor ATO information releases on tax issues relevant for self-employed small business people. Available for SEA members. Join here.

Campaign 2020

Big Business—Pay Up!

We’re pushing for laws to force big business to pay small business people fast.

SEA board member Lauren Sherson explains the campaign

Join the campaign

The Coffee Shop of Power
Aussies Café—Where the powerful meet in Parliament

Ken Phillips explains big business power politics in Canberra opposing Pay on Time.

Small Business Tax Tribunal

The government’s new Small Business Tax Tribunal is a big breakthrough for self-employed, small business people in dispute with the ATO. We were and are the key advocates for this. If you are in dispute with the ATO, we are the specialists who can assist. You need to be a member. Click here to become a Protected Member.
Information on the Small Business Tax Tribunal is here.

Defend the right to be self-employed

Public sector bureaucracies along with unions are wanting to close down the right to be self-employed. We have seen these attacks before such as:

  • Contractors are ‘dependent’.
  • Sham contracting is rife.

See our responses on these arguments in 2011.  See our success at the International Labour Organisation in 2006.

And now the new attack is against the ‘gig economy’. We have new campaigns on our hands!

Is your contract fair?

SEA can rightly claim huge success in achieving Unfair Contract protections for small business people. New protective legislation came into effect in November 2016—a world's first for self-employed people. Resources for checking your own contract are here.

Corona Virus Emergency

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