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Victoria – the fix. We explain how and why. But it won’t happen

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The closing of Victoria by the Andrews Labor government is the direct result of one thing—a chaotic collapse of Victoria’s health administration—in other words, state failure. Little wonder that there are now cries of anguish from the people of Victoria as they stare into the abyss..... More

Big Business – Big Lies – They’re at it again – Pay On Time laws

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The most important issue for self-employed, small business people is being paid on time. This is particularly vital for recovery from the Covid-19 recession. Right now, an important Bill to help secure prompt payment is before the Senate.... More

‘Stop Dan’ say Victorians—It’s War!—The People vs Dan—More action needed

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews's push for a twelve-month extension to the state of emergency would remove democratic, parliamentary oversight of the government’s control of Victorians’ lives. If the Parliament is to give Premier Andrews an extension, it should only do so in four-week blocks. This would restore parliamentary democracy to Victoria.... More

We trigger OHS investigation of Victorian Covid-19 hotel quarantine mess

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Yesterday we wrote to the Victorian WorkCover Authority requesting them to investigate the Covid-19 hotel quarantine mess for possible breaches under the Victorian work safety laws. The Authority is required under the Act to investigate and respond to us. If it fails to do so, we will apply for a court to order the Authority to undertake the required investigation... More

Victoria—It now feels like living in Hong Kong. Totalitarian takeover?

Monday, August 17, 2020

It’s one thing for government to impose curfews, massive lockdowns and other freedom-limiting activity based on best available medical advice. But it’s entirely different to use the Covid-19 health crisis as a cover to target a political agenda unrelated to health issues—an agenda which takes aim at the right to be self-employed... More

Could Dan Andrews face industrial manslaughter investigation?

Thursday, August 13, 2020

SEA Executive Director Ken Phillips has an article in today's Spectator discussing the application of Victorian Worksafe laws to the hotel quarantine mess. We have republished the Spectator article in full....  More

Victoria Covid-19—Blaming the self-employed and anyone else in sight

Monday, August 3, 2020

Having lived in Melbourne all my life, I’m ‘picking up’ that this Melbourne Covid-19 deep lockdown has induced fear. Fear is in the Melbourne air. Yes, it’s fear of the virus. But it’s also fear of continuing incompetence by the Dan Andrews government. The incompetence has led to the Stage 4 lockdown .... More

JobKeeper and JobSeeker Extension Information

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Last week the Morrison government announced that JobKeeper and JobSeeker are being extended past the current cut-off of at the end of September. But there are changes to eligibility and the amounts being paid. Mindful that the legislation for the extension has not passed Parliament, our summary is the best information available at the moment...... More

Dan Andrews (Victoria) at it again. More ‘destroy the self-employed’ agenda

Monday, July 20, 2020

Last week we reported on Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ agenda to make being your own boss illegal. Now’s there’s more. With the second big lockdown being imposed in Melbourne, Victoria has offered support packages for small businesses. But it’s not available for self-employed people. It’s discriminatory. Many are suffering and will go broke because of this second lockdown..... More

Dan Andrews (Victoria) declares war on small business – ‘destroy em’ they say!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Yesterday the Victorian Labor government released its report into the ‘gig economy.’ The 228-page report should be read as a declaration of war against self-employed, small business people across Victoria, and Australia..... More

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Defend the right to be self-employed

Public sector bureaucracies along with unions are wanting to close down the right to be self-employed. We have seen these attacks before such as:

  • Contractors are ‘dependent’.
  • Sham contracting is rife.

See our responses on these arguments in 2011.  See our success at the International Labour Organisation in 2006.

And now the new attack is against the ‘gig economy’. We have new campaigns on our hands!

Is your contract fair?

SEA can rightly claim huge success in achieving Unfair Contract protections for small business people. New protective legislation came into effect in November 2016—a world's first for self-employed people. Resources for checking your own contract are here.

Victorian Hotel Quarantine Mess
Campaign to require OHS investigation



We’re pushing the Victorian WorkCover Authority to undertake an OHS investigation into the hotel quarantine mess. Our letter to the Authority and the section in the Act that enables us to do that is here.

We are preparing to apply for a court to order the Authority to undertake the required investigation. We need funds to support the campaign.

Alan Jones discusses SEA campaign with Ken Philips:

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