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National Bricklayers Australia

A division of Self-Employed Australia

Current June 2019

National Bricklayers Australia has been formed as a division of Self Employed Australia to assist bricklayers across Australia to improve the professionalism of the bricklaying sector.

Our aims are to provide bricklayers support with:
 On-time payment Collecting debts
 Drafting and securing fair contracts Dispute resolution
 Client relationships Industry professionalism
 Industry standards Tax issues

As of June 2019 National Bricklayers Australia (NBA) has just been launched. Over time we will develop information and support services that will be placed on this website and available through our Facebook page.

Our aim is to combine the ‘big picture’ policy knowledge and capacity of Self-Employed Australia with practical issues facing bricklayers ‘on the ground.’ Some examples are:

Pay on time
  • What options do you, a bricklayer, have if being paid late?
  • The answer is many. We can look to help directly. But there are also several government bodies that can assist with debt collection that we (NBA) can work with.
Tax Problems
  • What if the Tax Office is auditing you?
  • Through your membership of NBA you access full tax audit support. See here.
Unfair Contract
  • What if you have an unfair contract or even no contract?
  • Again, through your membership of NBA you access support to resolve unfair contract issues. See here. And we plan to develop a template contract for bricklayers.
Our Facebook page has some 4,000 members active in discussion on bricklayer issues and trading. Join the discussion and keep up to date.

For more information, contact Jason Mills
Phone: 0400 558 031
Emai: info@abric.com.au
Facebook page: National Bricklayers Australia

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