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Campaign 2020: Pay on Time Pledge

Ask your local politician to sign the Pay On Time Pledge.

I……… (details of MP)
(1) Pledge that I support laws to require large businesses to pay small businesses promptly and on time.
(2) In cases where large businesses fail to pay on time I support measures to deny such businesses opportunities to bid on or receive government contracts.
Ask your politicians to sign by
1) Sending your local member an email
2) Phoning your local office
3) Visiting your local member
Details of your local Federal and State MPs are here.

What to say/write
  • Use your own words – Individual, from-the-heart messages have the most impact.
  • Say why it’s important to you.
  • Keep it short—Short emails are read—Short phone calls are noted.
  • Be polite, clear but firm—This has more impact.
  • Ask the politician to sign the pledge.
  • Cut and paste the pledge (above) into the email. And/or download a high-res version of the pledge and attach it to an email:
Let us know what you’ve done
  • Email us to let us know what you’ve done at campaign.manager@selfemployedaustralia.com.au
  • Then we can keep track of politicians who have/have not signed the pledge.
  • We will give public exposure to politicians’ responses.
Finally: Could you imagine a politician not supporting small business people being paid on time? How embarrassing for them!

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