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ICA Current Issues: Construction Sector

ICA supports the right of self-employed, independent contractors to work in the construction sectors. Yet so much of the ‘system’ discriminates against them. This needs to change.

Western Australia’s big move to protect construction subbies

Big win for WA subbies (10 December 2016)


Fixing Construction

ICA submission to Heydon Royal Commission 2015 

An Open Letter to Boral's Mike Kane

Boral letter to Commission of Inquiry into Trade Union Governance and Corruption

The Federal Fair Work Building & Construction Unit: Recent Progress

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Public Infrastructure (2014)

ICA submission to The Productivity Commission Inquiry into Public Infrastructure: Provision, Funding, Financing and Costs

Construction code to make big changes:

Victorian Code alive!; Outcome of Federal Court case (June 2013)

“It’s a long way to fall, mate!” [ICA Submission to CCCU Inquiry into construction sector violence] (Oct 2012)

Interview Victorian construction regulator (Sept 2012)

Victorian Construction Code to change construction practices (Sept 2012)

IR backpedals over the boom (mining boom threat: Aug 2011)


Union Violence

Union violence Westgate bridge (Aug 2010)

Video clip Westgate bridge violence (Aug 2010)

Union makes threats (Aug 2010)


Government threats to independent contractors

Shot by Gillard's red-tape gun (May 2011)

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