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Revoked ABNs Restored—Testimonials

Ellie McNiece

On the day I realised the way I’d been earning a living for 17 years had been changed forever by the ATO, without a reason being given, I was distraught. I “stumbled” on SEA and on a Saturday evening, I sent an email to Ken Phillips, assuming that it would be several days before I heard from him. I was gobsmacked when, five minutes later, he called me. He was empathetic, professional and extremely knowledgeable about what the ATO was doing to ABN holders like myself. I was one of the “lucky” ones who was able to keep her ABN but sadly, it still meant I wasn’t allowed to work as I had been previously. In one day, I was no longer earning a living, looking after myself and my family. My future was as someone who was unemployed, unemployable and on welfare.

Thank goodness for Ken Phillips, John Findley of SEA and the tireless endeavours by all at OutScribe on behalf of the 20 transcriptionists affected by this decision by the ATO. There is no way that we, on our own, could have had that decision reversed. Thank you. You gave us a voice.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t believe a few short months ago I didn’t even know you existed! After being self-employed for eight years and suddenly finding myself facing a battle with the ABR/ATO to retain my business, SEA, Ken Phillips and John Findley were my saviours! I can’t express how much they turned things around for me, knowing what to do and who to speak to and what was a just outcome! SEA is vital for small business to help “keep the bastards honest”.

Annette Pike

OutScribe Transcription Services

OutScribe was targeted by the ATO and the contractors who contracted their services to us had their ABNs cancelled. We feel very fortunate that we came across SEA. Ken and John have worked tirelessly on behalf of OutScribe and the contractors, with the result that the contractors' ABNs have been reinstated. OutScribe's case is still open with the ATO but we've got the SEA in our corner.


Mr John Findley (Uber Lawyer) and Mr Ken Phillips (SEA) have been champions for us the contractors in the situation we faced having our ABNs cancelled. They both have worked tirelessly and put so much hard work into representing us and expressing to the ATO the fact that we are self employed/contractors, conducting an appropriate business from home and are therefore entitled to have an ABN. Thank you so much John and Ken for taking up our case and representing us in the way that you both did, with one hundred percent effort and dedication. It has been greatly appreciated by all.


I am a single mother with a 2 year old. I also have developed a severe neurological pain disability which has gradually eroded my ability to work outside the home as an employee. However I am able to continue to work as a contractor and have done so for OutScribe for some time now, which allows me to take the work that I am able to take, supplementing my pension and allowing me to contribute something to my own income. The ATO recently tried to revoke my Australian Business Number, which would stop me from doing this work. A number of other contractors needlessly and unfairly also had their ABNs revoked. Thankfully Ken Philips from Self-Employed Australia has intervened in this ridiculous decision and we have had success in retaining our ABNs for now, allowing us to continue to work. I am so grateful for all the work they have done on mine and others' behalf in taking on the ATO and all that has entailed. Thank you to Ken Phillips and SEA!

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