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Do Unions Hate the Self-employed?

December 2012

15 December 2012:  We’re under attack

The union ‘inquiry’ we rejected below is finished. Unions feel the inquiry justifies their campaigning against independent contractors. The head of the business group AIG, Innes Willox, has referred to the union position as ‘bogus’ and jumped to the defence of independent contractors. He’s been attacked, not surprisingly, by the head of Australia’s peak union body.

12 December 2011: We say 'no' to unions' insecure work inquiry

Last week we received an invitation from the Chair of the unions' Independent Inquiry into Insecure Work in Australia to participate in their inquiry. We replied 'no', because we do not see the inquiry as being independent but instead having outcomes pre-determined against self-employed people. Here's our letter.

29 November 2011: Do unions hate self-employed people?

Is permanent, full time work the only legitimate and moral form of work? Do unions hate self-employed people? Listen to the radio debate between the boss of Australian unions Ged Kearney and Ken Phillips from ICA.

14 November 2011: Union survey disproves union campaign

The Australian Council of Trade Unions campaigns for 'secure' work. Its campaigning includes the destruction of the right for us to be self-employed, to be our own boss. It has released a survey, Voices from Working Australians, which it claims shows working Australians support the ACTU campaign. In fact, the survey of 40,000 unionists shows the reverse. 80 per cent of respondents did not rate secure jobs as important to them. Perhaps this is odd, but in our summary we explain why. For Ken Phillips' associated Business Spectator article, click here. Update 29 November: Monash University academic Dr Tui McKeown has undertaken an analysis of the survey showing that its conclusions do not stand up to scrutiny.

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