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Current Advocacy: The 'Gig' Economy

Too often we have seen attempts by worker regulation-lovers to use ‘invented’ problems to try and kill off self-employment. It’s a campaign that’s been ongoing since around the 1990s. Its current rebirth is focused on the 'gig' economy. Regulations are needed for real problems. But let’s not invent problems. Self-employment in its many forms—freelancing, gig, traditional shop-keeping, trades and so on—all make an important mix for job creation, economic activity and personal income creation.


Gig and platform economy, 2015-2019 [statistical data]

In Search of Unicorns, Self-Employed Australia submission to the 2019 Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce 2019


Australian unions see flying ‘gig’ pigs landing from the UK (February 2021)

Legal Status of Uber drivers in Australia: Implications for gig economy analysis and lessons for the Australian Taxation Office

Understanding the (gig) business model

Brief history of Uber’s court battles over driver status

Summary Extracts from ‘The Freelance Project and Gig Economies of the 21st Century’


Regulation-lovers with a ‘solution’ desperately seeking a problem—Gig it!!!

Reflections on an incompetent ATO—ABNs & Gig stuff

Hysterical reaction to Uber (gig) drivers not being employees. ATO wake-up call

Some sensible facts in the ‘gig’ economy/small business debate

Powerful ‘anti’ forces need a bucket of icy-cold water poured over their heads

The gig economy is under attack—from people who seemingly don’t care about the harm they do

The gig economy is exploitation by an evil empire. Discuss!

It’s the gig economy, stupid!!

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