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Current Advocacy: Nationhood

"Through the course of the 2010s in Australia, we saw a series of government policies, attempted policies and proposed policies that sought to restrict the scope of action of the millions of self-reliant Australians.

Individually these measures often were quite granular and technical in nature. But collectively over time they represented a trend. It’s a trend that is rooted in an irritable politics of suspicion and a niggling lack of trust in the good sense of those whose instinct is to look after their own affairs.

Rather than seeing independent Australians as targets for more control, the proper emphasis should be on finding the best ways for them to flourish. Accordingly, Australian governments, their departments, advisors and parties need to strike a new note and find a new tone."

— Extract from Trust is a Two-Way Street


Trust is a Two-Way Street, A Submission to The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee Inquiry into Nationhood, National identity and Democracy 2019 [September 2019]


Democracy crumbling in chaos—do boofheads now rule?  

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