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Union-Bosses Collusion

One of the most basic freedoms people have in a free society is economic freedom. Without economic freedom and liberty people will be oppressed. In every society there are always people who will collude to grab power and wealth for themselves at the expense of others. One of the great pretences and myths in current societies is that unions protect ‘workers’ against the oppression of bosses. But this is a naïve and foolish view of what actually happens in practice.

The reality, based on evidence, is that big unions and big businesses will and do collude to suppress and restrict competition. Under normal competition law this is illegal and criminal. But competition policy assumes that only businesses will collude with each other. The idea of unions colluding with businesses for anti-competitive purposes is confusing for competition regulators. They don’t know what to do and therefore do nothing!

ICA is collecting evidence of Union-Bosses collusion on this section of our Website. As always, it’s the little person who suffers.

Unions non-taxable business providing services to large corporations (November 2016)

Construction Royal Commission

ICA made a submission calling for laws to end the collusion between big business and unions in construction

Transport Sector: Toll colludes with TWU

Submission: Construction sector

ICA Submission to Productivity Commission Inquiry into Public Infrastructure:  Big business collusion (February 2014)


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