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ICA Current Issues: Fair Contracts


Independent Contractors Australia can rightly claim BIG success in achieving Unfair Contract protections for small business people. We started campaigning in 2009. You can see the unfolding of our campaign below. But no campaign succeeds because of one party. Our big thanks also to Robert Gottliebsen, Bruce Billson and the Senators who helped us during 2015. The laws came into effect on 12 November 2016.

Protecting yourself from Unfair Contracts

Here’s ABC TV, The Business short summary of the new laws.

Beefing up Unfair Contract laws 2019-2020

Unfair contract laws info update: 2017

Unfair contract laws info update: 2016

Unfair contract laws proclaimed: 2015

ICA campaigns for fair contracts for self-employed small business people. Here's our Charter of Contractual Fairness from 2010. The new law fits with our Charter.

Turnbull Government supports Fair Contract laws

On the evening of 14 September 2015 Tony Abbott was removed as Liberal leader and PM and replaced by Malcolm Turnbull. Fast-moving circumstances around the unfair contract laws were connected to the change in leadership.

Abbott Government back-stabs small business

August 2015: the Abbott government back-stabs small business people by limiting unfair contract protections to contracts under $100,000.

Laws to go ahead in 2015

First step for fairness. Billson introduced contract fairness code for supermarkets dealing with small business suppliers. (March 2015) 

ICA Submission to Treasury (July 2014)

ICA's full submission is here. It is also available in three parts for easier reading:

•    Part A: The philosophy underpinning ‘unfair’ contract protections.
•    Part B: Our responses to the Treasury discussion paper.
•    Part C: Specific examples of unfair contract situations and actual unfair contract clauses.

Abbott Government 2014

Protecting Small Businesses from Unfair Contract Terms (Press Release)

Consultation Paper: Extending Unfair Contract Term Protections to Small Businesses

Abbott Government update 2013

Shopping Centre Council opposes fair contracts

2013 Election issue

Abbott Coalition commits to Fair Contract protections for small business people

Billson reaffirms Coalition commitment

Understanding the issue

Unfair Contract Protections: Overview

Why unfair contract provisions are needed for small business people in the TPA

Integrity of Contract: Summary of Unfair Contracts Clauses

Unfair Contracts and the Trade Practices Act

The debate: Fair contracts or not-fair contracts?

Unfair contracts? Suck it up! A discussion and explanation of ICA's position

Case studies

IT contractor dispute settled (2014)

A Typical Contract Dispute (2012)

Finance Brokers Screwed (2010)

The Mr Contractor Case Letter 2: The Department (2010)

One of the Worst Contracts We Have Seen (2010)

Response to the Draft Liability Risk Assessment Guide (2009)

Screwed? The case of "Tom" versus DEEWR (2009)



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