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Entrepreneurship: Discussion

In this section ICA has gathered thinkers on entrepreneurship and collated a number of interesting discussions. Economic development is heavily reliant on people being entrepreneurs. But our regulatory approach tends to suppress this.


Challenge Standard Thinking

The Importance of 'Trust' (Simon Bridge)

Self-employment and Entrepreneurship [A collection of facts and events]

Creating Entrepreneurial Societies: Self-employment and regulations (Peter Urwin)

Do we understand small businesses? (Simon Bridge)

The rise of the independent professional (Patricia Leighton)

Does Some of Our Industrial Thinking Lag Behind Economic Evolution? (Simon Bridge)

Extracts from Joseph Schumpeter's The Theory of Economic Development

Economic development depends on innovation and entrepreneurship (Ken Phillips)

Self-employed people and the systemic suppression of economic development (Ken Phillips)

Entrepreneurship and SME Policy---No need to innovate? (Ken O'Neill)

Blog Posts

The Rise of the Micro-Multinational
Is employment dying or will arrogance prevail?

Video debate: The Future (or Death) of Employment
Ignoring the economics of innovation
Can Baillieu stop the desal drain?

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