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801 Deaths – Cannot be forgotten or ignored

April 2021

Video: Who we are. Why our Victorian OHS campaign

On the 27 March 2020 the Victorian government started its Covid-19 hotel quarantine program. The program was a management disaster. This lead directly to Covid-19 breaking out across Victoria allegedly resulting in 801 deaths.

The Victorian work safety laws require prosecution of any person or body that conducts unsafe practices. This applies to the private and government sectors. The Victorian government must be investigated for prosecution under these laws.

Self-Employed Australia is conducting a campaign to push the Victorian WorkSafe Authority to do its job and investigate to prosecute the Victorian government. This page gives links to our campaign activity as well as information and facts on why, at law, prosecutions should occur.

Update 29 June 2021
WorkSafe Fails to Prosecute – We refer the issue to the Director of Public Prosecutions – Explanation

Key documents
Step One: Explanation of: (posted 29 September 2020)
Step Two: Our letter to WorkSafe (29 September 2020) and its reply (7 October 2020)
WorkSafe is required at law to update us on its prosecution/investigation within 3 months.

Step Three: We ask for unions to be investigated in relation to private security selection. (27 September 2020)
Evidence of union involvement in private security selection

Step Four: We engage with WorkSafe on evidence on why there should be prosecutions.
Step Five: We ask WorkSafe for details of its investigation processes. For example, our letter (4 January 2021) asks how many witnesses have been contacted, interviewed and statements taken?

Step Six: Breakthrough: WorkSafe confirms they are investigating. Full details here. (11 March 2021)

Step Seven (a): WorkSafe must reply to us by 29 June 2021. They do, but they are still investigating.
Step Seven (b): We say, ‘not good enough’. We trigger DPP review.

Key fact A: We explain how the work safety laws apply to the Victorian government over the failed quarantine.

Key Fact B: We explain why the Covid pandemic was not unprecedented and was fully expected and planned for, BUT the Victorian government forgot(?) to do a hotel quarantine plan!

Key Fact C: Hotel quarantine plans were internationally available. The Victorian government had no excuse for not having a plan. For example, the Hong Kong health authorities had detailed hotel quarantine plans from at least 2007.

New Video: Covid Pandemic was expected. It was not unprecedented. Watch the video (4 min):

Videos about OHS Prosecution

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