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John Findley is a China specialist having lived, off and on, in China for around 30 years. He now lives in Newcastle. He is a highly experienced senior executive and now runs his own migration business (a genuine independent contractor) supporting high-end executives to work in Australia.

China's fast trains

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I don't know how to put into words the excellence of the trains in China. Today I travelled from Beijing to Jinan on the fast train—it's about 500km and took 1.5 hours. Compare that with Sydney to Canberra—about 300km and nearly 4 hours.

And the stations are just wonderful.  Our decrepit 150-year-old structures just make us look like the poor of Asia.

Not only did the train clip along at a smooth 300km/hr, but the accommodation was exceptional.  Admittedly, I was travelling first class, but check the seating, fully reclining to a bed, spacious areas, and so many adjustment buttons for the seating...I couldn't figure out which one brought on the dancing girls, but one button did get the waitress and the coffee was first rate.

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