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Self-Employed Australia’s Protected Members are covered, providing expert services to assist in regaining your ABN should it be withdrawn by the ATO.





Sleep Easy: Don’t Panic Because you have a Tax Audit

Sleep easy: Because you’re a Self-Employed Australia Protected Member! You’re supported by our:
  • Tax Audit Insurance. (Lloyds covered)
  • fighting for your ABN rights
  • assistance with unfair contracts
One phone call will provide the services you need, from Australia's self-employed experts:
  • Accounting Services.
  • Legal support.
  • Specialised Advocacy during each step of the process.

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The full details of our Protected Member Tax Audit Insurance are here.
A summary is below.

You can join here.
Pay $44 a month
Or $528 for a year

Tax Audit Insurance: Summary of your Protected Member Benefits:

You are covered for up to $50,000 of Professional Services related to investigations of your lodged
  • Income Tax
  • Personal Service Income (PSI) Tax
  • GST liabilities
  • Company Tax
  • Self Managed Superannuation Fund obligations
  • Up to $5,000 loss of earnings in attending ATO investigation meetings.
  • Other costs associated with ATO compliance visits.
These benefits are
  • Provided as a Protected Member benefit by Self-Employed Australia.
  • Underpinned by SEA group insurance held with Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.
  • Delivered by SEA’s small business tax specialist accounting partner, Fresh Numbers and SEA’s tax partner lawyers.
  • Reinforced and backed by SEA’s proven public policy advocacy capacity.
Main Conditions. (See full list of conditions in the policy here.)
  • Tax investigations initiated after and while you are an SEA Protected Member.
  • Costs of defending tax claims against you that you dispute.
  • Claims accepted and costs pre-approved by SEA’s insurer.
Does not cover
  • Tax and associated costs you are ordered or agree to pay.
  • Costs of litigation before a court or Tribunal.
  • False, fraudulent or tax avoidance scheme involvement.
Important: Maintain your membership
The Professional Expenses Insurance has no grace period. It is only available after you have become a Protected Member of Self Employed Australia. Join BEFORE you have a problem.

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