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800 deaths – The facts are clear. The Vic government must be prosecuted

Friday, December 18, 2020

It would be dangerous to forget or ignore that 800 people died due to the Victorian government’s hotel quarantine disaster. We cannot simply ‘move on’ and pretend that 800 people did not die. That’s dangerous. That’s unsafe.

That’s why today we’re launching the next phase of our campaign to push for the prosecution of the Victorian government under work safety laws.

We write to WorkSafe
Here’s our letter, sent today, to the Victorian WorkSafe Authority, the prosecuting body. We provide them evidence that hotel quarantine plans should have been in place when they were not.

Hong Kong had clear plans that could have been used.
We remind WorkSafe of evidence from one officer who said
“Each outbreak was treated like a secret and nothing seemed to change…”
And a doctor who warned of bad procedures saying
“This is placing individuals at risk”
The pandemic was NOT unprecedented
In separate facts we explain why the Covid pandemic was not unprecedented and was fully expected and planned for, BUT the Victorian government forgot(?) to do a hotel quarantine plan!

And here we explain how the work safety laws apply.

Into and during 2021
This next phase of our campaign will continue through all of 2021. This is just the start. We have a research and legal team. We are preparing more evidence of why prosecution must occur. We will make this public and deliver it to WorkSafe.

Join/support our campaign. You can contribute $s here if you can.

Register your details here for information and updates.

Bad things happen if good people do nothing!
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