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'Dangerous idiots intent on destroying small business people'

Friday, April 29, 2016

We at ICA had thought that after the huge campaign against the ‘evil’ road ‘safety’ laws we could move on to other issues. But no! Labor leader Bill Shorten announced today his intention to bring back the repealed laws if he wins government at the next election.

As a consequence of this ‘idiocy’ on their part, we can only describe Shorten’s Labor and their Transport Workers Union partners as ‘dangerous idiots intent on destroying small business people’.

We have a message for Shorten’s Labor, the TWU and anyone else who supports such destructive laws. We are ready to take on the fight! We have a constitutional challenge prepared to go and other plans should Shorten/TWU try to bring back the laws.

The facts are that we had a preliminary hearing before the Chief Justice of Australia on the 15th April on our constitutional challenge to the laws. The Chief Justice referred our application to a next legal phase. With the repeal of the RSRT we have, of course, stopped our legal action. We have a fighting fund in place thanks to the impressive response we received to earlier appeals. We can start the action again at any time.

We will have much more to say on this soon. But owner-drivers who believe in their right to be in business for themselves should join us by adding a $55 membership to our defensive readiness.  Join here.

People who believe in freedom should join us. ‘Liberty’ as an idea is empty without economic freedom. In its most basic form that means the right to be in business for yourself. It’s a fundamental human right. Destroyers of liberty, destroyers of human rights, conduct destruction by stealth. This is the stealth of the anti-owner driver laws. It attacks one group but sets a template to attack all self-employed people.

And there’s 2 million of us in Australia.


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