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Disaster for owner-drivers started yesterday. We seek to stop it.

Friday, April 08, 2016

There’s now huge urgency. Yesterday, an application to freeze the owner-driver ‘destruction’ order of the Road ‘Safety’ Remuneration Tribunal failed in the Federal Court. The application to stop the order accepted the validity of the legislation but questioned the processes of the Tribunal. It failed.

As of yesterday, owner-drivers are now forced to charge 2 to 4 times more than they currently charge. Big companies do not have to charge the same rates. This is the financial destruction of thousands of small business owner-drivers across Australia.

We announced yesterday that we’re launching a High Court challenge to the constitutional validity of the legislation. There’s news coverage here and here.

Our lawyers are lodging the High Court application today. We’re saying that the law and the Tribunal itself are invalid because the Commonwealth doesn’t have the power to fix prices. If successful, this would ‘kill’ the Act, the Tribunal and its destructive order and save owner-drivers. We will be asking for an immediate freeze on the Tribunal order pending a High Court decision.

Thanks to all those people who joined us yesterday to help us pay our legal bills. But we need more. High Court challenges are expensive. We’re a volunteer organisation.

Join ICA here. Help us save owner-driver small business people. Every $55 membership fee helps.  


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