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Great news: RSR Tribunal legislation has been repealed

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

At around 9-40pm on Monday night the Senate voted to repeal the evil Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal laws.

Our huge thanks to the Turnbull Government and the independent Senators who voted to repeal.

Some 35,000 owner-drivers and their families across Australia owe you a great deal. In fact, all small businesses in Australia must be thankful. It’s scary to witness the extent to which Labor and the Greens, organised by unions, will go to destroy Australian small business people. And there’s 2 million of us!

Here’s how the Senators voted:

Turnbull Government:    Repeal
Senator Lazarus:            Repeal
Senator Xenophon:        Repeal
Senator Day:                   Repeal
Senator Leyonhjelm:      Repeal
Senator Lambie:             Repeal  
Senator Madigan:           Repeal
Senator Wang:                Repeal

Senator Muir:            Keep the evil laws  
Shorten Labor:          Keep the evil laws
DiNatale Greens:      Keep the evil laws

We believe the government also put a Bill to freeze the RSRT Order. ICA will check the actual situation and report with more iinformation.
Angela commented on 20-Apr-2016 07:44 AM
ICA also deserve a great big THANK YOU. While it ended in the current Govt. having to introduce a bill, it was as a result of MANY organisations campaigning (including the ICA) to change the RSRT and RSRO 2016 that made the Govt act now, and not make it a political carrot for the next election.

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