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ICA's GEEIndex launched in Washington DC

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ICA's Global Entrepreneurs Enabler Index (GEEIndex) was officially launched this week by Executive Director Ken Phillips at the annual conference of the International Council for Small Business in Washington, DC.

A long time in the making, the Index pulls together into a ‘package’ the major issues on which we have been pushing for more than a decade concerning the rights of self-employed people.

The Index is a standardised tool for measuring the extent to which laws and regulations impact on the ability of people to be self-employed, and hence entrepreneurial. The first version covers the 9 States, Territories and Federal government in Australia and, with our Canadian partner—the Frontier Centre for Public Policy—the 14 Canadian jurisdictions as well.

This means that not only can one compare the impact of law and regulation within, say, Australia, but also compare British Columbia with New South Wales, for example.

The Index makes no bones of the fact that is is designed to focus government attention on the regulations that need to change in order to help entrepreneurship flourish. We'll also be extending the national range of the Index in future versions.

More information on the Index, a summary of its findings, and details about how to access the detailed ratings for each national and sub-national jurisdiction are here.


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