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Is the Rule of Law Under Threat in Australia?—Seminar invitation

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

I don’t think that we have ever before promoted a conference by another organisation. But this free online seminar is, we think, worth bringing to your attention.

The Rule of Law Education Centre is running a free online seminar
Next Tuesday 15 June from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm (EST)

Topic: Are we witnessing the death of the presumption of innocence? And does this matter?

For more info and to register to attend, click here and you will receive the Zoom links for the seminar.

We see this as an important topic because it’s really at the heart of many of the campaigns we run.
  • Our campaign to reform the ATO is really about the rule of law. Currently, when the ATO raises an assessment, that assessment immediately becomes a tax debt due and payable immediately, whether the ATO’s assessment is right or wrong. Effectively there’s a presumption of guilt against the taxpayer. We’re campaigning to have this reformed so that the presumption of innocence applies.
  • Our campaign to prosecute the Victorian government over the 801 Hotel Quarantine Deaths is about the rule of law. We say that No-one is Above the Law, including government.
Speakers at the seminar include three prominent lawyers—Bret Walker AO SC, Margaret Cunneen SC, and Malcolm Stewart—as well as Ron Hoenig MP NSW, and Chris Merritt (Rule of Law Society VP and Former Legal Affairs Editor, The Australian).

Often such ‘high end legal principles’ seem remote from our ordinary lives. But, in reality, they are central to our lives in very practical ways. It is a core principle of a free society that simply because an accusation is made against any one of us, that does not mean that we are guilty.

As we at SEA continue our campaigns (ATO reform, etc.) we’ll be interested to see how this seminar assists how we frame those campaigns.

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