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Is WorkSafe Victoria grossly incompetent or is something else going on?

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Today, 29 June 2021, Victorian WorkSafe finally replied to us as to whether it is prosecuting the Victorian Government over the hotel quarantine deaths scandal.

Its reply? ‘We need more time!’

Here’s its letter.

It’s a shocker! Talk about bureaucratic ‘we’re doing a good job but it’s complex’ spin!

Let’s look at the facts:
  • It’s now 15 months since the hotel quarantine (deaths) program started.
  • It’s some 12 months since WorkSafe claim it started investigating.
  • It’s 9 months since we wrote to WorkSafe triggering provisions in the Work Safety Act requiring it to investigate. (Here’s our September 2020 ‘trigger’ letter.)
We’re dealing with the largest mass deaths in Victoria’s history from one event. WorkSafe’s performance on this displays gross incompetence at minimum. Or is this a cover-up? Is WorkSafe manoeuvring to protect people?

Consider this! WorkSafe has admitted that a prosecution must be brought within 2 years. Therefore if WorkSafe delays, can it claim the 2 years is up in March next year? Then no prosecution occurs? Can WorkSafe kill off justice by simply doing nothing?

Why did it take WorkSafe 3–4 months even to start an investigation? Incompetence or something else?

We’re not waiting. WorkSafe was required at law to reply to us today. It seems to do only what it is forced to do.

We’ve replied to WorkSafe today, triggering additional requirements under the Work Safety laws for WorkSafe to refer its investigation to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).
Here’s our letter.

The DPP then must review WorkSafe’s investigation files and recommend whether WorkSafe prosecute. Now will the DPP step up to the job? The clock is ticking.

This is the most critical test that the work safety and justice system in Victoria has ever faced. Are these authorities putting some people above the law? No-one should be above the law!

WorkSafe is failing this test. What will the DPP do?

This is about justice for the 801 people who died, their families, friends and the people of Victoria. It’s about the integrity of the work safety and justice system in Victoria.

We’re not going to let go. We’re not going to be conned by the tripe, spin and ‘nothing to see here’ approach of WorkSafe Victoria. This campaign has only just begun!

Wayne spencer commented on 29-Jun-2021 07:36 PM
Well written
Keep up the good work
S Bronski commented on 30-Jun-2021 08:44 AM
Obvious from day one that WS would cover up for it's master Dan. This evil Dictator has just about every public service & Gov Dep under his evil control and manipulates them all to get away with everything corrupt angle of his Government. In many other nations this would be considered treason!
chrism commented on 30-Jun-2021 06:37 PM
Ask the Minister responsible to guarantee that should the clock run down that will in no way affect the investigation or prosecutions in this vital matter.
Put it to a vote.
vote for an Act to Amend the clause concerned to exempt this investigation from being affected as 'the workcover investigator requires additional time'
Then promise us whenever the opposition are in Govt they will have a Royal Commission and open this up for prosecution.
Kath commented on 30-Jun-2021 08:16 PM
Saw you Philip, on Credlin. Great you have a platform there any time, such an important matter.
I fear that all these people are Labor appointees and will run the clock down in order to do nothing. Won't risk upsetting Dan and future promotions - the culture of lefties in these organisations will be rife.
Great that you're trying so hard unlike the State Liberals. Keep going.
Mulga Bill commented on 01-Jul-2021 11:19 AM
Even though I'm not self-employed, I have donated to Self Employed Australia because I too want to see Andrews prosecuted for his negligence concerning the 800+ deaths.
Really?? commented on 08-Jul-2021 03:40 PM
It makes no sense to me that complex investigations taking up to two years to complete are the reason for the two year limitation period. If anything, the Act should allow for prosecutions to commence within XX months of the investigation CONCLUDING.
Why the two year limitation on criminal prosecutions? Even debts can be pursued for up to six years!
Peter commented on 09-Jul-2021 10:12 PM
Really?? It makes perfect sense when you understand that Andrews introduced that legislation for the benefit of his CFMEU masters. Worksafe is a labor creation. The DPP is a labor appointee. All these labor mates have to do is prevaricate, procrastinate and lie for two years and this corrupt government is off the hook. These schemers must have assuredly foreseen the possibility of being prosecuted under their own legislation and wrote in this escape clause. Look at the whitewash of the Coates investigation.

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