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Thursday, March 07, 2013

The number of self-employed people continues to grow. We’ve pulled together recent reports and info on UK, USA and Australia. See below.

Self-employed In the UK

2018 update: The number of self-employed increased from 3.3 million people (12.0% of the labour force) in 2001 to 4.8 million (15.1% of the labour force) in 2017.

2012 Statistics: One-third of working pensioners are self-employed compared to about 14% of the rest of the workforce.  Oldies are giving an important lift to the UK economy! And recent profiling of UK self-employed shows an increase of 367,000 while employee numbers are down 430,000.

Self-employed in the USA. Still under attack

Around 10% (17m) of US workers are self-employed, independent contractors. That’s an increase on 1 million in one year.  Self-employed people tend to be older, educated, skilled and on higher incomes. This report gives a breakdown by job types, incomes and geography showing a wide spread across the USA.

What’s amazing in the US is that governments are still working to stop self-employment. It’s like trying to stop a rising tide!

In Australia

A university study has found that home workers (mostly self-employed) are the hardest workers.

Roy Morgan Research spotlight on small business shows:

  • 45% of small business people are over 50 years old compared to 39% 10 years ago
  • more likely be Tertiary educated
  • relatively financially secure
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