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More juice in the truckies’ tank. Compensation. High Court. High Politics

Monday, May 16, 2016

The ‘truckies’ story just seems to keep movin’.

As we revealed the other week, Bill Shorten has vowed to reintroduce the RSRT Act if he wins government.

If Shorten wins and does this, we will re-launch our constitutional challenge. I explained in The Australian how we view the legal issues and why we will remount a challenge.

Just as important, we’ve announced that we’re ‘facilitating’ a class action so that owner-driver truckies can recover their losses. As The Australian explained:
“The body representing independent contractors is preparing a class action seeking tens of millions of dollars in compensation for self-employed truck drivers who lost work because of the union-backed road safety tribunal.

Independent Contractors Australia executive director Ken Phillips told The Australian he estimated up to 1000 owner-drivers would seek compensation of more than a total of $100 million in a class action.

The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, established by Labor in 2012, was abolished last month after a new minimum payments regime forcing owner-drivers to charge higher prices triggered a ferocious backlash.

Owner-drivers warned the new regime would price more than 35,000 small business owners out of the market and force them to work for their larger and more heavily unionised competitors, which were not covered by the payment order…

Mr Phillips said the ICA had received reports of losses in the order of $37,000 for typical truckies.”
  • An explanation of the class action is here, which also explains how owner-drivers can join the action.

The class action is a simple idea. By owner-drivers getting together, ‘mass’ litigation is possible where everyone who joined in can sue for damages. Lawyers will run the case and ‘litigant funders’ pay for the litigation. Of course, getting this organized is a very big task. ICA is helping to get this organized, but is not running the case involved in the litigation.

  • If owner-drivers fill out the questionnaire on our website, the lawyers will then contact them and explain everything. Information is here.
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