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Owner-Drivers Update: It's D-Day on two fronts

Monday, April 18, 2016

Today the Turnbull government is moving a Bill to repeal the ‘evil’ Road ‘Safety’ Remuneration Act. But the TWU is again mocking the law, the courts, parliament and Australians. They hope to con the independent Senators into keeping the RSRT.

  • On Friday 15 April the TWU opposed our High Court application for an injunction to halt the laws because of the harm being done to owner-drivers. We supplied the evidence.
  • On Friday 1 April the TWU opposed a Federal Court application to halt the owner-driver destruction laws.
  • Yet, today, 18 April, it is asking the Tribunal to delay and change the destructive orders. The TWU is hoping to say to the independent Senators, “don’t repeal the evil laws, we’ll fix them!” The TWU are con artists.
The TWU is:
  • Disrespecting Australian tribunals and courts, including the High Court. It treats the legal process as its political plaything. It is now asking for the very thing that it opposed in the High Court. 
Our lawyers are going to the Tribunal hearing today. We are going to:
  • Press on the Tribunal our constitutional challenge to their RSR order.
  • Make clear our efforts to repeal the laws.
  • State that the TWU now admits to the severe harm being done by the laws.
  • Request the Tribunal to delay its order.
This move is necessary in case the Bill to repeal the Act fails. But we do want the laws repealed!

Today Senator Lazarus confirmed the heart-wrenching news of a suicide due to the evil RSRT laws. Our sincerest condolences go to the family. These laws MUST be repealed. We say to every owner-driver feeling the huge stress, ‘hang in there’. You’re not alone. 

The Small Business Minister, Kelly O’Dwyer, has established an urgent Financial Advice Hotline 1800 007 007 specifically for owner-drivers in trouble due to the RSRT. For support and information about suicide prevention, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467.


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