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Politics isn't all that confusing. Really??

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Even a casual observer of US politics would be aware of the wild circus happening around Donald Trump. The core of the Trump ‘issue’ is the rejection of party political ‘machines’ stomping on the will of the people.

Even Trump’s most likely (fellow) Republican contender, Tea Party Congressman Ted Cruz, is an anti-Republican machine person. He’s led the Tea Party in pushing for smaller (no deficit) government against both Republicans and Democrats. But even the Tea Party describes Trump as a ‘narcissistic demagogue’. Could Trump win the Republican nomination? Here’s an excellent New York Times article explaining the Republican Convention voting process. Now there’s confusion!

And Australian Senate manoeuvrings have taken on US-style complexity. Everyone’s double-dealing everyone else and enemies are in bed with one another. Libs in bed with the Greens? Good grief! Robert Gottliebsen gave a great overview in Business Spectator yesterday. Family First Senator Bob Day explained his stance (ABC TV) on defending the 3 million voters who vote ‘independent’. It’s the Australian version of rejecting the party machines.

But the politics surrounding Islamic extremism must take the prize for complexity. Perhaps one of the clearest of commentators on the issue is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Her Wikipedia entry is here. Raised in Somalia as a Muslim, she’s outspoken in calling for reform. In one of her earliest books she said that the problem is not Islam but 6th Century tribalism. Recently she had a fascinating video interview/debate which is very thought-provoking.

Returning to domestic Australian issues, the Tax Commissioner was in Parliament yesterday trying to convince our politicians that the Tax Office has too much scrutiny. What rot! ICA Executive Director Ken Phillips laid out our case for MORE scrutiny of the ATO in Business Spectator. Further, it would be nice to think that Australian big businesses are realizing that they need to treat small business with some level of fairness. But Ken was forced to admit that this was naive—again in Business Spectator.


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