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Rocking the Establishment Mark II

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Following on from his recent article in The Australian about the undoing of the ‘Establishment’, ICA Executive Director Ken Phillips has made an expanded presentation to a gathering of people from the Mannkal Foundation in Perth. Here’s the YouTube vid.

After watching it, one commentator remarked that Australia should take heed of how they prosecute corrupt union officials in the USA. Ken's point is that it’s as much to do with ridding Australia of bad management. Unions are relevant, but a comparative side issue.

Still it’s good to see the Abbott government pushing for changes to the Fair Work Act. But this is nothing radical. Many are changes the previous Labor government promised but never delivered.

Fellow ICA contributor and blogger John Findley has also pitched in to the debate, again focusing on management issues, particularly for small business. See the comment beneath the blogpost for Ken's response.
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