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Senate rescues small business. The inside story

Thursday, September 17, 2015

On Tuesday we noted how, on Monday morning, the Senate saved the Unfair Contracts Bill from the Abbott government's neutering of it. Of course, on Monday night Tony Abbott was deposed and now Malcolm Turnbull is Prime Minister.

ICA Executive Director Ken Phillips provided a fuller rundown of events in the Senate in Business Spectator. The article is here.

In part, Ken said:
In fact, its (Senate) amendment to move the contract protection limit to $300,000 was based on a pragmatic assessment (by the Senate) of what the government might accept. We wanted no limit, so we didn’t get what we wanted, but the Senate outcome is a big improvement.

Amazingly, the government rejected this outright. Big business interests must have exerted considerable massive influence over the Abbott Government. The amended Bill has now returned to the House of Representatives. The Turnbull Government has an immediate test before it. Will it side with big business over the Coalition’s small business constituency?

Ken was interviewed yesterday afternoon by Ross Greenwood Radio 2GB Sydney on the issue. Ross is well known as a ‘money’ commentator on TV and radio and a defender of small business. He sees this issue as a key battle between big and small business in Australia. You can listen to their 10-minute segment here.


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