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Senator Glenn Lazarus moves to save owner-drivers from bankruptcy

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Last Wednesday we branded the Road ‘Safety’ Tribunal laws a ‘Stalinist evil’. We called for the laws to be repealed before thousands of owner-driver small business people are forced into bankruptcy.

Today (Sunday, 3 April), at a mass truckies’ rally in Brisbane, independent Senator Glenn Lazarus declared that he will move to repeal the laws. He said on social media:

“Brisbane is just a WALL of trucks at the moment! If the TRIBUNAL doesn't listen and put the order on hold for a year this week so we can work together to review it, I will be putting up legislation on the 18th of April when the Senate sits to ABOLISH the TRIBUNAL.”

Good on ya Glenn!

The Tribunal insists on forcing the new owner-driver ‘bankruptcy’ laws to start tomorrow (4 April). The Transport Workers Union gave a pathetic defence of the laws last week. Effectively, it supports the destruction of self-employed owner-drivers.

We support Glenn Lazarus and will do everything we can to help his efforts to repeal these ‘evil’ laws.

No, were not being extreme. These laws are evil! We explained why last week.


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