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The Andrews government should stop picking on the Islamic community over Covid

Monday, October 26, 2020

In the latest of a series of swipes at the Victorian Islamic community, the Dan Andrews government has blamed a Somali family and their Islamic school for the spread of Covid. The family, backed by the community, has hit back saying it’s the government’s fault.

The government’s attack against the community is occurring because the government is trying to deflect blame away from itself for causing the latest Covid outbreak of last week. This has resulted in the continuing Melbourne lockdown.

The facts are clear according to media reports:
  • The family had several people with Covid and were isolating.
  • DHHS had a case manager for each family member and were overseeing the management of Covid.
  • DHHS supplied a ‘clearance’ email to the family that they could end isolation.
  • The mother went to the school to check. The school said ‘yes everything looks okay’.
  • The three children returned to school, but two days later one child was found to be Covid infectious.
The government has admitted that even though it had total control of Covid management of the family with multiple case managers, that there was no overall coordination of the total family circumstances.

This is the hotel quarantine mess all over again. But this time the government couldn’t manage just one family. And now they are blaming the family.

It’s time that the Andrews Labor government stopped blaming the Islamic and other communities for the government’s continuing administrative failures. The government couldn’t run a chook raffle on this evidence!!

The government’s latest failures breach work safety laws.

It is, for example, an offence under the OHS Act (s23) to
  • “Fail to ensure that persons other than employees are not exposed to risks to their health and safety arising from the conduct of the employer.”
We have written to the WorkSafe Authority requesting prosecution of the government over this latest breach.
  • Our letter to WorkSafe is here.
  • A briefing note of the circumstances, including the DHHS email, is here.
WorkSafe needs to force the government to face up to its responsibilities. After more than eight months of incompetence by the Andrews government only prosecution will shake them up.

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